I Hope You’re Happy Now

Pass me the Prozac,

An out of work wizard turned alcoholic behavioural therapist slurred,
“Fairy tales don’t teach us that monsters exist
They tell us they can be killed…”

In reply…

An insurance clerk, turned songwriter raised one over plucked eyebrow, and said
“Love songs don’t teach how to feel
They tell us that feelings are rarely in tune with the truth.”

In other words…

No matter how many melodic fairytales of fragrant
misrepresentation, you sing along with,
A fact is a fact

“I love you” never has a happy ending

…And if you think is does, you’re an optimistic fool who doesn’t
realise that your particular brand of fairytale hasn’t ended yet!

Hugs and kisses, now pass me the Prozac,
I Hope You’re Happy Now.


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