In A Hotel Room

In a hotel room,
I think of you,
Connected to the world by a wire.
A wire of communication,
That echo’s the distance of words

I remember afternoon kisses in a your hotel room,
Your breath upon my mouth,
The door locked, blinds pulled
The telephone ringing itself busy
Fighting for our attention.

I remember straining against you.
‘Slowly: I said as I bit your lip,
With a mouth that hungered to be elsewhere on your body

Patience was a hard taskmaster

I remember my fingers pinching your nipples
Until they hardened in anticipation,
Beneath underwear that begged to be made undressed.

Patience was a hard taskmaster

I remember each inch of you
Every moan
Every sigh
Every look
Every shivering dance of anticipation.

In the dark
I could read you
like a blind man translates the essence of meaning
into words he can’t see

…….by touch alone


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